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List of Official Streamers for ecRO with their informations and their community platforms. If you have what it takes, send us your applications to and direct message any ecRO Staffs for confirmation in our discord.


Meet the vibrant personalities who light up our server with their streams! From intense battles to heart-to-heart chats, they've got something for everyone. Engage with them, share the excitement, and don't forget to use their unique streamer codes for exclusive perks that enhance your gaming experience. Your support fuels their passion and keeps the adventure alive!


Also Known As: valhsia

RO Experience: Since 2004

Language Proficiency: English & Chinese


Also Known As: Ediwap Gaming

RO Experience: 15 years

Language Proficiency: English


Also Known As: Ahmad Gaming or Hela

RO Experience: 20 years

Language Proficiency: English

Darkverse Promotional Program

Be Our Partner. Be Our Streamer.

Looking to share your gameplay with a wider audience? Whether you want to dazzle your friends with your prowess or simply entertain casually, Darkverse shares your passion for reaching a larger spotlight. Earn rewards while doing what you love and promoting the vibrant community you enjoy!


  1. You are welcomed to be our partner as long as you consistently follow our requirements below:
    • Face Cam
    • Stream Darkverse: Rebirth at least 3 times a week
    • Use our stream overlay on your streams
    • Use microphone or any other communication options to interact with your viewers
    • Does not spread any toxic or behaviour that could be damaging towards Darkverse: Rebirth
  2. Send the information listed below to Al-baraq at Discord.
    • Real Name
    • RO Experience
    • About Me
    • Main Stream Page
    • Favorite Quotation (optional)
    • Social Links
      • Facebook (required)
      • Twitch
      • Youtube
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
  3. Our content creators can receive the following benefits:
    • 5% Streamer Donation Code
    • Streamer Monthly Supply Box
    • Streamer Giveaway Box
    • Donation Rewards (depending on your performance)